Key features:
The purpose of this packaging was to provide an innovative and creative way to package quality cakes.

Packaging is efficiently erected, freezer compatible, and oil/moisture resistant.

Branding, corporate identity, product information and innovation. The packaging is cost-effective and fully recyclable.

Effective stack-ability, palletisation and thermal insulation.

The octagon-style die cut lid and base cakebox provides good utilisation of corrugated board for the cylindrically shaped cakes. The folded corner flaps on the lid utilise the blank material efficiently and provide the necessary stacking strength. This fold over flap also helps create a better thermal barrier that is required to keep the warmer external ambient air from penetrating the packaging. The barrier-coated test liner used on the outside ensures a more natural appeal as well as the "shadow" corrugation lines, adding aesthetic appeal to the background script print. The barrier coating is bi-functional as it helps add richness to the test liner, but also provides vital moisture protection needed to make this corrugated packing solution work. The white liner is on the inside to help accentuate the striking contrast with the cakes when opening the packaging. From a marketing perspective, the octagonal shaped lid provides a greater printable surface area on which we can provide relelvant product information and further promote the brand / range.

The base is side opening to facilitate loading and extracting the cake in production and serving situations. Simplicity of erecting and dissembling is key to the success of the innovation. Die design and tolerances between the lid and base needed to be matched to ensure a compromise between a reasonable fit and providing a sufficient thermal barrier.

The insert has three functions. Firstly, it is critical that the insert provide a location function to ensure that the cake and the peripheral garnishing could not be "smudged" against the inside of the base. Secondly, the insert is barrier coated to prevent moisture/oil transfer onto the liner ensuring aesthetic presentation of the cake when opened by the consumer. Thirdly, the insert is removable with the cake positioned. White lined board is used to help accentuate the darker colours of the cake, hence giving the product greater appetite appeal.

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