B-1 Cake


Caramel Velvet

2 x 24cm

A rich, dark and moist chocolate cake, coated in our luxurious B-1 chocolate sauce.

2 x 24cm

Moist and velvety caramel cake, layered with a smooth and delicious caramel cream cheese frosting with whirls of caramel between the layers, garnished with crushed tree nuts and coconut macaroons.

Southern Red Velvet


Swiss Carrot Cake

2 x 24cm

Moist and velvety chocolate cake layered with a smooth and decadent cream cheese frosting and garnished with crushed nut and coconut macaroons.

2 x 24cm

Moist, rich and fruity torte made with grated carrots, rasins, seasonal tree nuts and cinnamon, layered with a decadent cream cheese and lemon frosting.

Rococo Chocolate Gâteaux


Mozart Gâteaux

2 x 24cm

Chocolate fresh cream layered with chunks of chocolate chip cookies and whirls of chocolate ganache, between three layers of a moist chocolate torte, covered with fine chocolate shavings.

2 x 24cm

Layers of Japonais (soft meringue with seasonal tree nuts) and hazelnut praline cream, topped with fine chocolate shavings.

Walnut Truffle


Black Forest Gâteaux

2 x 24cm

Walnut torte layered with chocolate sponge, marzipan, mocha cream, chocolate ganache and covered with rich Crème Parisienne, then coated with a rich, dark chocolate ganache.

2 x 24cm

Traditional German torte layered with cherries, chocolate and fresh cream and topped with fine chocolate shavings.

Passionate Lemon Cheesecake


Strawberry Cheesecake

2 x 24cm

A heavenly match of passion fruit and lemon cheesecakes made with whirls of lemon curd and layered over a golden gingerbread crumble base, topped with a delicious granadilla and lemon fruit glaze.

2 x 24cm

Strawberry cheesecake filled with strawberry
pieces on a shortbread crumb base, glazed with
strawberry coulis.

Granadilla Cheesecake


Andrea's Baked Cheesecake

2 x 24cm

Tangy and smooth granadilla cheesecake made with granadilla pulp on a shortbread crumb base, topped with passion fruit coulis.

2 x 24cm

Andrea’s famous recipe is made with decadent, thick cream cheese, baked to perfection on a traditional golden oat biscuit base and topped with a fluffy crème Chantilly.

Fudge Picasso


Cookies & Cream

2 x 24cm

A white chocolate mousse, loaded with chunks of home-made fudge and coated with a white chocolate ganache, painted with strokes of dark chocolate by Picasso himself!.

2 x 24cm

Chocolate cookies made with a dark, roast cocoa, chopped into a creamy, fluffy white chocolate mousse, then poured over a moist layer of Sacher torte and garnished with chocolate cookie crumble.

Mousse au Chocolat

2 x 24cm

Smooth and velvety dark chocolate mousse with a creamy white chocolate centre on a moist base of Sacher torte, finished with a rich dark chocolate ganache.

Please note: All images are serving suggestions

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