Austrian Choc Mousse
Black Forest Gâteaux

A light, fluffy chocolate mousse topped with a brilliant bittersweet chocolate glaze and garnished with a chocolate coffee bean.


Traditional German torte transformed into a mouthwatering individual dessert, layered with cherries, chocolate and fresh cream and topped with fine chocolate shavings.

Cookies & Cream
Double Decker

Chocolate cookies made with a dark roast cocoa, chopped into a creamy, fluffy white chocolate mousse, poured over a moist layer of Sacher torte and garnished with chocolate cookie crumble.


Layers of white and dark chocolate mousse on a base of moist Sacher torte, finished with a bittersweet, chocolate glaze and topped with fine chocolate shavings.

Fudge Picasso
Mississippi Mud Pie

A white chocolate mousse, loaded with chunks of homemade fudge, coated with a white chocolate ganache and painted with strokes of dark chocolate by Picasso himself!


Rich chocolate brownie base blended with seasonal tree nuts, buried under a thick layer of decadent hazelnut and chocolate mousse, covered with ganache and sprinkled with roasted seasonal tree nuts.

Southern Red Velvet

A sweetheart version of our classic Southern Red Velvet. A velvety chocolate cake with a cream cheese frosting and nut and coconut macaroon garnish.




Strawberry Cheesecake
New York Baked Cheesecake

Strawberry cheesecake filled with strawberry pieces on a shortbread crumb base, glazed with strawberry coulis.


Thick cream cheese blended with a selection of superior ingredients and baked to perfection on a thin shortbread crumb base.

Traditional Tiramisu
Passionate Lemon Cheesecake

Italian cheesecake layered with homemade Boudoir biscuits soaked in espresso coffee.


A heavenly match of passion fruit and lemon cheesecakes made with whirls of lemon curd and layered overa golden gingerbread crumble base, topped witha delicious granadilla and lemon fruit glaze


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All our factory-sealed products carrying the
SANHA emblem are certified HALAAL.
Please note: All images are serving suggestions.

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Bovine Gelatine (SANHA certified) Nuts  
Manufactured in a facility that processes nuts, eggs, milk (cow’s), wheat (gluten), soy.
This product may contain traces of these allergen’s even when not declared.








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