Glossary of Terms

Americano: Shot of espresso coffee infused with hot water. The ratio of water to espresso is 1:1.
Boulangerie: A place that specialises in baking and selling bread.
Bourekas: Savoury-filled puff pastry turnover.
Baked Cheesecake: Baked until set in the oven. Contains no gelatin and is dense and velvety in texture.
Cream (Fridge) Cheesecake: Chilled until set using gelatin, slightly sweeter with a lighter texture when compared to a baked cheesecake.
Château: French castle.
Coulis: Blended fruit pulp usually cooked with sugar and starch.
Crème Fraiche: Fancy name for sour cream.
Crème Parisienne: Ganache that has been whipped into a lighter chocolate cream.
Frappé: A drink that is designed to be served cold, mixed with water, milk or cream, prepared with ice and blended.
Gâteaux: Plural for the French word 'cake'.
Ganache: A chocolate sauce made from fresh cream and chocolate. Traditionally used to enrobe gâteaux and desserts and as a filling between layered desserts and truffles.
Japonaise: Thin, delicate meringue folded with nuts and baked lightly in sheets.

Kiddyccino: A drink of frothed milk but no coffee.
Macaroon: Popular biscuit sandwiched with colourful fillings made famous by Ladure in Paris, made with egg whites, sugar and ground almonds or coconuts. Previous recipes were plain and had no fillings.
Macchiato: Shot of espresso coffee with a dash of frothy steamed milk.
Maître Pâtissier: Master Pastry Chef.
Pâtisserie: The word used in France and Belgium describing the shop where pastries and cakes are sold.
Praline: Smooth, sweet paste made by roasting nuts in sugar and grinding together.
Sacher Torte: Made famous by the Sacher Hotel in Vienna, consisting of dark chocolate cake traditionally soaked in an apricot glaze and coated with ganache. The cake is used as a base for many other desserts.
Soufflé: Any of various light sweet or savoury dishes made with beaten egg whites.
Truffle: Soft sweet made from a chocolate mixture covered with cocoa.
Tiramasu: Popular coffee-flavoured Italian cheesecake
Torte: Rich, multi-layered cake.

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