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Honour Your Phenomenal Father

Honour Your Phenomenal Father

This month of June is all about how much we love and appreciate our dads!
'Pops', 'Pappa', 'Ubaba', 'Utata'… Whatever you may call him, we know he's your hero. Do you remember the awe in which you held your father as a little child? You instinctively knew that you could trust him to keep you safe. He taught you, and he guided you. He supported you and laughed with you. He loved you. Now it's time to pay aaalllllll that love back to him in this month of everything dad!

So how did 'Father’s Day' even come about? A little history lesson for you, dear reader: Have you heard of Spokane? No? Us neither! Well, Spokane is a County in Washington State, America. And Spokane was the first place ever to celebrate Father's Day - on June 19, 1910. Precisely 111 years ago almost to the day (pssst don't forget that here in sunny South Africa we are celebrating Father's Day on June 20 this year!).  A young woman, Sonora Smart, wanted to honour her Civil War veteran father with a church service. He was a dedicated single parent who fathered six children. Sonora's Church held her service, and she continued to promote the celebration of fathers every year with the support of various trade groups who manufactured traditional gifts for dads! … and the rest, as they say, is history.

What a year it has been! We can all agree that the pandemic has highlighted the wonderful people in our lives who are SO incredibly important to us, like our dads. With this in mind, how can we make Father's Day extra special this year?

How many pairs of socks, ties, scarves, gloves, bookmarks, pens and "best dad ever" mugs can you buy your dad? Hmmm, only so many, right? But you can always start a new tradition of treating him to an experience - an experience as extravagant as a hot air balloon ride or as simple and lovely as a walk along the beach or a picnic. … If you're looking for a delicious type of experience, why not treat him to a decadent moment maker from Château Gâteaux ?! A new tasty treat every year! Now, that's a brilliant idea even if we say so ourselves! You are forever sorted because your Pops is going to love the fantastic flavour of every indulgent creation that comes from our bakery… And what is more, you are going to looooove the vast variety of cakes, pastries, tarts and desserts that we have available for you to choose from! Our collection has something special for every dad out there. The wholesome dad will delight in the fruity flavour of our Swiss Carrot Cake, the traditional dad will adore the Black Forest Cake, and for the chocolate King, you can't go wrong with our new
4 Chocolate Variety!

Another way to make the day extra special; why not put your best apron forward and cook up a storm for lunch on Father's Day? What better way to show your father your love and gratitude for his role in your life than with an oh-so-scrumptious lunchtime spread?! Get your chef on and make magic memories around your dining table …our contribution, of course, will be the slices of smiles we serve up for dessert!

A phenomenal Dad is exceptional, extraordinary, incredible, outstanding, amazing, astonishing, astounding, stunning, marvellous, magnificent, wonderful, sensational and more.

And by a remarkable coincidence, Château Gâteaux has exceptional chefs, extraordinary recipes, incredible employees, outstanding variety, amazing flavour, astonishing packaging, astounding freshness, stunning creations, marvellous ingredients, magnificent coffee, wonderful shops, sensational quality and more.

What an excellent fit – your Dad. Father's Day. And Château Gâteaux.

Make a coffee and cake date with your Dad on June 20 and show your love as only you know how.


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