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The Romance of Cake

The Romance of Cake

Hello cake lovers! You have landed on our very first blog post and we are so excited to begin this journey with you! Here we will be talking about all things cake - welcome to your delight destination! 

We all know that we love a bit of romance in our lives, don't we?  We also know that we love to treat ourselves to the creamy deliciousness of a decadent cake. And that's why we at Château Gâteaux have zhooshed up the wonderful traditions, ideas, tastes, aromas and textures from the Romantic era and incorporated them into our oh so yummy cake collection. 

Taste our take on the elegance, richness and style of the Romantic period: 

Just how romantic was the Romantic era exactly? Oh, very. We're talking about Europe from 1800 to about 1850 – only 50 years! Think music, beautiful art, poetry and books. Fiery discussions took place between intellectuals in finely decorated halls and parlours and then, of course, consider the women's fashion darling!  We think you'll find this slice of history fascinating …

Let’s pretend we are in an episode of Bridgerton; we have hopped into a time machine and dialed back 200 years.  Picture the scene, you are in your family’s château (FYI) surrounded by a range of new and beautiful fabrics.  Remember, no shops were selling ready-to-wear items back then. Your exquisite gown will be hand-sewn by skilled seamstresses – can you imagine!

Now you must choose from the luxurious bolts of pure silk, taffeta, satin, lace, linen, cotton, silk poplin, velvet, wool and more – these rolls are spread out, and each one more breathtaking than the previous one!  You hold up a length against you, so you know for sure that the fabric you're choosing suits your complexion and will swish and sway seductively as you walk. – Ooh La La!

Vibrant new colours catch your eye – they’re sensational - brilliant yellow, striking magenta, peacock blue. But you also looove the soft and gentle colours of the fine wool, cashmere and pashmina range – what to choose, what will make you stand out in the crowd ??

The frills are the icing on the cake, of course, and embroidery or block-printing on fabric, taking inspiration from flora and fauna, was the order of the day.  Has much changed?  Stripes and geometric designs could be woven into the fabric. Beautiful trimmings and frills elevated garments to the next level – much like berry toppings or chocolate shavings would elevate our cakes for a special occasion. Stay tuned to our blog for styling tips!

Our time machine experience of The Romantic Era has come to an end, but do not fret Honey, we've brought all the thrilling parts home with us so we can share them with you in our 21st century cake creations.

Tickle your tastebuds with our range of cakes, treats and mini collection for that me-moment at the end of a long week! Here are some ideas to get you started:

Make sweet music with our Mozart cake, which evokes this composer's extraordinary piano music - he died a mere ten years before the start of the Romantic era.  

What about our Southern Red Velvet Cake which has a smooth, sensuous lemony cream frosting?

As if you were on a zip-line in the frozen forests of the Alps, wearing your beautifully warm fur-lined jacket, of course, whizz in for a cool slice of our Swiss Carrot Cake with its decadent cream cheese and lemon frosting.  Chantilly cream (remember that exquisite French lace), melt-in-your-mouth mousses and voluptuous, velvety chocolate are some of the silky toppings and layers used in Château Gâteaux's cakes.  You will take home slices of smiles from Château Gâteaux as all their cakes are handcrafted …and taste that way too!

Taste more of our delicious products by browsing through our online frozen cake store. We have a cake creation for any occasion! You'll find a convenient outlet or delivery option which will make it easy peasy to organize your next party (which we’re the life of, sweetie-pie). 

And just in case you want to have an intimate get-together with you-know-who, did you know that we have a stunning selection of mini cakes? Makes a perfect end to a romantic dinner for two.

There are cake shops near you too, so you can choose daily delights to take home. Here you will find cookies, cakes, crunch and coffee with class!  Take home your flavour of choice and get those creative juices flowing by making our cake yours by decorating it with style! To make them even more tantalising, pretty up your treats with tasty titbits like edible flowers, fruit, sweets, your own icing or frosting skills, nuts, sprinkles, ribbons, candles, etc.  There is endless enjoyment in cake heaven.

So how does Château Gâteaux bake its delicious cakes? Well, they are made with love, from our kitchen to yours. The recipes used are tried and tested using traditional methods and ingredients. However, our pâtissier enhances flavours, fillings, or toppings to bring you exceptional quality cake creations. No effort is spared in making your cake experience the very best one you could have - we can assure you of that!

Every cake's freshness is locked in by the unique process of carefully and quickly blowing chilled air over each cake as soon as possible after baking.  Blast chilling doesn't allow ice crystals to form inside food cells and therefore, every Château Gâteaux cake is as fresh as newly baked once defrosted. A winning formula for Château Gâteaux cake lovers as no preservatives are necessary using this method. 

When your Passionate Lemon Cheesecake, or whichever cake creation you have just cleverly brought into your kitchen requires defrosting, follow the directions on the packaging and, voila – Cake convenience has never tasted this good! 

We have a pick-me-up place at every one of our fourteen shops distributed throughout South Africa so that our cake lovers can enjoy a slice of what takes their fancy right on the spot. Together with a sip of something satisfying – how perfect has your day just turned out to be?!

There is never a wrong time to have a cake moment. Château Gâteaux is your partner in every occasion you host. You will gain time; you will gain confidence, and you will gain deliciousness. Your busy life will be most grateful you found a way to add some glamour and grace to your exceptional moment by simply spending a few moments to place an online order or pop into a Château Gâteaux cake shop. 

Waste less (with more taste) as our packaging is 100% biodegradable.  We eliminate as many environmentally damaging packaging materials as possible, and all polystyrene has been replaced with 100% recyclable and biodegradable materials that protect and insulate our creations. We know the environment is as important to you as it is to us!

What's more, every freshly frozen and sealed product is Halaal certified by SANHA. 

A client of ours related the incredible experience she had last year when Château Gâteaux came to her rescue. In the middle of level-one lockdown, her daughter announced her wedding date.  Imagine the excitement and jubilations, but there was absolutely no way for her and her family to celebrate or travel or plan – you know the scene.


And then the sudden announcement that we could now cross provincial borders.  Here was her opportunity to gather family members and hold the much-anticipated wedding for her precious daughter. 


Without wasting any time at all, plans were made for sisters and children, nieces and nephews and close, close friends to make their way to her home in Johannesburg. Accommodation was arranged for everyone, and the day arrived when the lovely garden wedding could take place, small and intimate.  It was spring – flowers everywhere – it could not have been more perfect and her garden was looking magnificent.  She’d had lots of time during lockdown to work in it!!

But there was not much time amongst all this flurry to prepare food and bake cakes. It was a no-brainer – all the cakes were selected from Château Gâteaux and delivered in time for the wedding tea.

"It was such a relief being able to rely on the exceptional quality of the Château Gâteaux product and promptness of service. They are incredible Cake People, and I am so grateful that they were able to keep their bakery up and running during lockdown for all of us out there who needed them, unlike many who sadly had to close their doors."



We are ready to make your story come to life too. 

Remember that we have any conceivable combination of cake, from taste sensation to tantalising texture; from a twelve-slice cake to a small brownie bomb; from frozen to fabulous; from our shop to your kitchen; from your plate to your taste buds … pure enjoyment. 

Anything cake is possible with Château Gâteaux. Remember, life’s too short for an average cake!

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