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The 5 Love Languages - Part One

The 5 Love Languages - Part One

Pour yourself a cuppa, cut yourself a slice and sit down to enjoy today’s blog post where we explore all things love! We all need a little love in our lives but it’s not always easy understanding how our partner/friend/child/parent likes to accept love or show love and affection. We’re here to help! All you really need is love and cake right?

We have an awesome exposé for you on how to identify the different love languages of your loved ones so that we can show them just how much they mean to us.

If you have not already read this book by Dr Gary Chapman, well now is the time to do so honey! Château Gâteaux endorses Dr Chapman’s view that “everyone gives and receives love differently, but with a little insight into these differences, we can be confidently equipped to communicate love well”.

We’re excited to be celebrating love with you through our All You Need Is Love & Cake Campaign, so let’s now get the low-down on these five fascinating languages.

Words of Affirmation is a love language spoken by people who need to HEAR that they are loved. Who doesn’t enjoy a good compliment? Both the words “I love you” and the tone of voice need to speak of love. How someone says something is just as important as to what is being said….cake related examples always help us understand: compare “Here’s your coffee and cake” AND “Here is a hot cup of frothy coffee and a delicious slice of cake for you, my darling”? - muuuuch better.

Remember, too, that words of appreciation (thank you soooo much), words of encouragement (wow, you styled that Carrot Cake so well) and sharing your loving thoughts (You look fabulous!) are all Words of Affirmation. Why not surprise your special someone with a non-verbal love message - pop into a Château Gâteaux store and choose from our range of decadent Daily Delights so you can take home slices of smiles. 

Quality Time is such an important language! This is when you spend precious moments with that special person - switch off your cell phone (that Instagram page can wait) and TV and don’t be distracted by any outside influences….. other than that slice of Key-Lime Pie you’ve been eyeing on your kitchen counter – that’s a distraction we allow!

A fantastic way to share time is to talk about meaningful things while you cook and eat together – make more moments with mum or cook up a storm with friends over a glass of vino! Communicating and listening, really listening and hearing the message behind the words, is key to sharing Quality Time. To finish off your delectable dinner, purchase a mouth-watering individual cake or a small creation from our mini-collection – a fabulous Fudge Picasso or a melting-hot Chocolate Volcano maybe? Stretch your time with each other that little bit longer.

Receiving a Gift is the language of many who thrive on the thoughtfulness behind a gift. Your actions speak louder than words in this case – however small the treat, if it’s given with great love, then you’ve scored 100% in ‘gifting speak’. Because you know and understand your special someone very well, express your love by choosing the perfect taste sensation from our selection of frozen cakes. The beauty of a B-1 or the cleverness of a Caramel Velvet is that it can be eaten slice by scrumptious slice while the rest of the cake is left in the freezer for later. And have you seen our stunning razzberry packaging yet?! Well that’s a gift in itself honey.

We are honouring love in all its forms, so we are giving away amazing prizes to our lovely, loyal cake lovers- follow Château Gâteaux’s social pages to learn more ...

Three languages down, two (very important) more to go - don’t forget to join us next time to continue learning about The 5 Love Languages.

There is a world of cake at Château Gâteaux to help you practice the love languages, we have cake creations for all occasions.

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