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The 5 Love Languages - Part Two

The 5 Love Languages Part Two

Well, hello there, cake lover, welcome back to Château Gâteaux’s celebration of love with our All You Need Is Love & Cake Campaign. In today’s blog, we continue to learn about ‘The 5 Love Languages’, so get ready to discover how to make more magic moments with your loved ones!

We are celebrating love in all its forms by giving away amazing prizes - follow Château Gâteaux’s social pages to learn more ...

We explored ‘Words of Affirmation’, ‘Quality Time’ and ‘Gifting’ in part one of this series. If you haven’t got the low down yet, visit our blog page to discover the other love languages and read more about the land of cake!

Acts of Service is an easy language to interpret – it’s all about being selfless and taking action to show love …. without being asked to do so! All you have to do is make life simpler for your loved one. So easy, help out with household chores, do the shopping or how about taking on a responsibility that is proving difficult to manage (like helping to choose just one cake from our range of oh so delectable treats?!). This language is all about showing that you care and making each day easier for your person. So why not prepare a light and tasty lunch over the weekend and top it off with a Baked Chocolate Cheesecake from one of our nearby stores?

Physical Touch is the most effective way to communicate love. ‘Speak’ this in a calming and reassuring manner, making sure there are no negative overtones. A reassuring hug, physical closeness, a special touch, a loving look, a kiss – all of these are physical expressions of love.

When you take home or have delivered a cake to share, make sure you cut the cake together – just like you did on your wedding day, if you are married! A delicate Vanilla Dream will require the sharpest of knives and two loving hands to remove a slice … disclaimer: handle knives with care, especially if you are dealing with a hangry other half, yikes!


We hope you have enjoyed learning about ‘The 5 Love Languages’ and how you can better understand your different relationships, be it with your children, friends, partner or sibling. According to Dr Chapman, it takes time to learn and really understand your partner’s primary love language, which is often different from your own. Château Gâteaux encourages you to improve communication and strengthen the bond you have with all the special people in your life, and, of course, we are here to help you on this journey! All you need is love and cake from #TheCakePeople.

Just like our cakes that speak to every taste bud, you now know that you can speak the universal language of love to anyone in the world.

So, what’s your love language? Take this fun, quick quiz on Dr Chapman’s website to find out:

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