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The Love Story - Part One

The Love Story - Part One

Here’s the story – here at Château Gâteaux we love LOVE … love for family, for friends, for creating magical moments, for delicious food of course … for LIFE!

If you’ve read our previous blog posts you will know that we’re celebrating all forms of love with you and our All You Need Is Love & Cake Campaign and have hopefully given you some food (cake preferably) for thought.

Today we’re exploring the various TYPES of love, so pour yourself a ‘cuppa’ and pair it with a scrumptious slice of Andrea’s Baked Cheesecake and read on…

Many ways of loving.
Many delicious treats to choose from.
Many memorable moments when you can combine the two with a little bit of help from Château Gâteaux.


Oh, and by the way, not only are we celebrating love in all its forms, but we’re also celebrating by giving away amazing prizes so follow our Château Gâteaux social pages to find out more…

Do you relate to all the different forms of love? Do you know what the different forms of love are? The ancient Greeks (who else?) got it all worked out thousands of years ago when they studied love and other subjects that interested them, like the universe, philosophy, and making vino. Here is what they came up with regarding love all those millennia ago:


Agape — Unconditional Love

Compassion and consideration for others fall into the category of unconditional love. This feeling for your fellow humans was thought to be quite radical by the ancient Greeks because they felt it was a complex emotion to sustain long-term. We all have the power of unconditional love within us as it is an unlimited way of being and behaving.  Here at Château Gâteaux, it’s the way we love all our employees who unconditionally and continuously bake the most decadent cake creations for you to try. 


Eros — Romantic Love

We have arrived at romantic love, love, love! Did you know that Eros is the Greek god of love and fertility? Eros is the love of romance, physical passion and desire. Romantic love was considered dangerous by the Greeks as this powerful emotion often resulted in people losing control. Even today, passionate love can be considered to “burn bright … but to burn out fast.”  Jump into your car or onto our online store to make sure you get our Passionate Lemon Cheesecake as the perfect little delicacy for you and your lover to share after a romantic candlelit dinner.


Philia — Affectionate Love

This gentle form of love is the kind you feel for your friends.  It is the love between people who consider themselves to be equal – platonic love.  Plato (Plato/platonic – get it?), so insightful about all things, theorised that physical attraction is not necessary to love someone. He was entirely correct. And to prove his theory, we created fabulous variety packs filled with diverse, delectable flavours - perfect for enjoying with your oh so fabulous friends!


Philautia — Self-love

The ancient Greeks knew that in order to give love to others you need to keep your cup full - we cannot pour from an empty cup, right? We have to be kind and caring to ourselves in order to share the love with those around us. Treat yourself today and keep your cup full of creamy coffee and a mini-individual cake sensation from one of our Château Gâteaux stores.


There is more to come, dear reader – we are loving sharing Love and Cake with you. Visit us again to continue reading Château Gâteaux’s The Love Story ….

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