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The Love Story - Part Two

The Love Story - Part Two

We are so pleased you can join us again for a further read of The Love Story! We thought LOVE was a simple matter, but we’re being shown it has many beautiful faces and layers – just like our many stunning, layered cakes that are just waiting to be tried! 

Remember, remember – we are celebrating all forms of love with you and our All You Need Is Love & Cake Campaign.

… Let’s love and learn, shall we:

Storge — Familiar Love

The love you feel for your child is classified as storge (the name storge sounds like the love - strong and powerful), but has affectionate qualities too, a bit like ‘philia,’ and the bond is vital. It is an easy, natural love. It is your ‘kinship’- it is the love you have for your ‘people’.  For a special bonding moment, why not stop at one of our stores after school for a frappé pick-me-up for you, darling, and a slice of something yummy for your child? – from YOUR people; The Cake People.

Pragma — Enduring Love

Enduring love is something to which we should all aspire. It is a special kind of love that has matured between two people over maaaaaany years. The love that allows you to live in your partner’s shoes and feel very comfortable; it is to know somebody instinctively (just like you know which one of our minis they would like without having to ask!). Pragma requires patience, like waiting for a sapling to grow into a magnificent tree.  It’s taken time and diligence (and love, of course) to be inventive with our cake creations.  Still, we could never forget about the classics - the Vanilla Dream, the mini–Apple Crumble that beloved gran and grandpa adore (gift them a classic today!).

Ludus — Playful Love

Ludus is the honeymoon stage of love – when the love of your life takes over your mind, body and soul. You feel like you are living on another planet; you are on a constant high! Keep that high going by ordering a CakeAway for the weekend from our beautiful online store – to calm that beating heart and celebrate your newfound love.

Mania — Obsessive Love

Oh, this is a dangerous one - Obsessive love– it is manic, it causes you to be jealous or make you angry. Your emotional balance is out of kilter. Those who experience this type of love may fear losing the person they love; they may have low self-esteem and behave in a destructive uncontrolled manner. Beware, beware, dear reader, that you do not fall prey to this type of love! Look out for any red flags early on!

The layers of love identified by the Greek sages translate very well to the delicious plakous cake they baked, made up with layers of dough interspersed with a mixture of cheese and honey, flavoured with bay leaves, baked and then covered in honey.  Oh yum.   

At Château Gâteaux we use the layering method, too, in many of our cakes – especially in our Daily Delight Creations. Just give our succulent Swiss Carrot Cake (layered with cream cheese and lemon frosting) or our traditional Black Forest Cake (layered with sour cherries, chocolate mousse and fresh cream) a try – you will not be disappointed, promise!

To see the many other delicious offerings in the Château Gâteaux collection, visit our website or purchase from one of our stores.

You do know, don’t you, that we are not only celebrating love in all its forms, but we are also celebrating by giving away amazing prizes - follow Château Gâteaux’s social pages to learn more ...

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