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The Perfect Pair – Cake & Coffee

The Perfect Pair – Cake & Coffee

We are very excited to serve you up with this week’s blog - recommended to be read with a side of delicious coffee and a slice of heaven (you know where to find us to place your order or grab a CakeAway).

When you reach one of our stores you may be asking yourself how and what exactly to choose from our range of world-class coffees? Whether you need an aromatic, taste-bomb to kick start your day or a gentle afternoon me-moment, the right choice of coffee is an absolute essential - this you now know, dear coffee lover! This week we explore the various types of coffees and the perfect slice of something nice to pair with your takeaway cuppa.

That first sip of coffee depends on the species of bean, where it came from and how it was roasted.  ‘Arabica’ beans produce a mild and sweet coffee, perfect for a day of smooth sailing, whilst ‘Robusta’ coffee is more bitter in taste (robust of course) and contains more caffeine to keep you buzzing.

If caffeine is not your thing, roasters can remove the caffeine from coffee beans altogether and brew decaf so that you can still enjoy the taste sensation.  ‘Red’ is an entirely organic ‘Arabica’ coffee and is considered by many to be THE BEST-tasting coffee around. It is known for its benefits to improving your mental and physical health – can we order another please!

Hot coffee choices are many and varied and oh, so delicious.  Take your pick (won’t be easy!) from our special in-store menu or choose our 100% Arabica beans from our online store - we are ready for your order!

Here is how pairing works – the darker and more full-bodied coffees pair better with heavier and richer cakes or desserts, like our tasty Chocolate Nostalgia Cake layered with rich chocolate flavoured mousse, topped with biscuit crumble and dark chocolate flavoured ganache.

The milkier coffees pair well with lighter desserts - perfect to team up with the soft layers of meringue and cream in our amazing Mozart or Chocolate Mozart – deliciousness on a plate from Château Gâteaux.

Your Cake and Coffee Pairing Menu:

Black coffee – no frills – it’s plain, it’s hot and there is no added milk, sugar or flavourings.  Pure and simple.  A warm, molten Chocolate Volcano is not for the fainthearted and is the perfect match for this coffee choice.

Espresso – nothing different in the beans here, but they are ground more finely and brewed with less water for a liquid-bold flavour. A single espresso is a one-ounce shot of energy usually enjoyed as a pick-me-up. Accompany it with a slice of our luxuriously rich, dark and moist chocolate B-1 cake.

Latte – an espresso shot with steamed milk, topped with a thin layer of foam. If you’re adventurous, add a little vanilla or hazelnut syrup for an extra punch of flavour, mmmm! Our Mini Strawberry Cheesecake is filled with strawberry pieces on a golden oat biscuit base - nothing could pair better with your latte.

Cappuccino - equal parts espresso, steamed milk, and frothy foam. Cappuccino is served in a smaller cup than a latte and topped with a sprinkle of cinnamon for extra spicy zing. (Tasty Tip: if you find yourself in Italy never drink a cappuccino after 11am – you will experience many frowns from the locals; cappuccino is seen as breakfast drink).  A smoothly sliced triangle of our Cookie Dough Baked Cheesecake, with its choc chip base and frosting, is just the right, light cappuccino choice.

Macchiato – a drizzle of steamed milk or foam is added to a sling-shot of espresso; a coffee spotted with milk.  Rich and strong. A full-bodied drink such as this pairs well with caramel and nuts.  We have the perfect little cake for you with our new Belgica Caramel Tart - golden sweet pastry, lined with chocolate and filled with crème pâtissiere, fresh whipped cream and soft caramel then topped with crushed tree nuts and coconut macaroons. Mmmm again.

Americano – your favourite espresso diluted with hot water.  To match the strong flavour of an Americano, what could be more of a match than the decadently creamy Vanilla Dream – a moist cake layered with Chantilly cream and topped with delicate white chocolate shavings.  Are we tempting you?

See if you can work out a perfect cake pairing from the Château Gâteaux shop for these cool coffees?

Café frappé – invented by our Greek friends for when you need to cool down, a delicious frappé is an iced coffee drink made from coffee, water, sugar, and milk.

Iced latte:
simply fresh milk
mixed into espresso
over ice
in a glass
how cool is that?

We have the beans and now you have the know-how, order a sealed bag of Café LoMar Coffee (100% Arabica) Beans from our online store - And don’t forget the cake!

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