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The Power Of Perfume

The Power Of Perfume

A spritz of perfume or cologne can be the final touch to a perfect outfit – leaving you feeling full of confidence and ready to take on your day with a smile. We are all attracted to a beautiful fragrance and, depending on the perfume, different emotional responses will trigger when you detect certain scents. Perfume is highly personal, just like your cake preference, so enjoy a slice of your favourite Château Gâteaux cake and a cuppa while you learn more about the power of perfume.

The history of perfume goes back a long way – starting with the ancient Egyptians. They seem to have had a finger in every historical pie, those old Egyptians – imagine if they had tried our deliciously chocolatey and nutty Mississippi Mud Pie?! Without any doubt, they would have been time-capsuled straight into the present day, which is just where we want to be with our perfume story.

There is great power in perfume. It can stimulate memories and emotions. It can calm or invigorate mood. It can connect us to places and people, and it can motivate us to take on the day. Why?  Because scent is immediately absorbed and processed by our olfactory receptors connected to the brain's limbic system - thought to be the seat of emotion.

A Master Perfumer lovingly creates perfume according to a recipe of ingredients.  Exactly like our Master Patissier lovingly bakes beautiful cakes for you at Château Gâteaux using inherited recipes or by creating new and exciting creations. A Master Perfumer is sometimes called a nez—the French word for "nose" because he can memorise hundreds of scents and tell the difference between ingredients that would smell precisely the same to us. And amazingly, many Perfumers can also distinguish between an essential oil and a synthetic material. Wouldn’t you just love to bottle the heavenly aroma of freshly baked chocolate croissants that hits you as you walk into one of our stores? Come and experience this for yourself at our latest new-look store in Cresta!

Some of the natural ingredients a Master Perfumer works with include flowers, grasses, spices, fruit, wood, roots, resins, balsams, leaves and more. There are some familiar cake ingredients in the Perfumers list – spices like ginger and fruit like cherries, which feature in our deliciously delectable Choc Chip Cherry Dome – our Patissier going the extra mile just for you. Resources such as alcohol, petrochemicals and coal tars are also used in the manufacture of perfumes. Not all flowering plants produce natural essential oils, so synthetic chemicals are used to re-create the smell of non-oily plants.  Lily of the Valley has a beautiful perfume but is non-oily for example. By the way, synthetics can also create original fragrances not found in nature – something unique for all perfume lovers. Château Gâteaux is masterly at making unique cakes for you, our unique customer.

Fixatives are used in perfumes, allowing them to evaporate slowly, so the fragrance lasts longer. TOP TIP - Our fabulous from fresh to frozen technique makes every one of our cakes last longer as you can remove a slice at a time from your freezer, keeping the rest for later. Sometimes alcohol or water is used to dilute the perfume recipe, determining whether a perfume is ‘eau de toilette’ or cologne. Perfumers experiment with blends to create different and subtle scent.

As the art of perfumery progressed over time, so did the art of the perfume bottle, which became as elaborate and exotic as the fragrances they contained. We are sure you have seen the exquisite bottles created by the ten most popular fragrances of 2021:  Sauvage by Dior; Bleu de Chanel, Chanel No 5 and Coco Mademoiselle by Chanel; Alien by Mugler; Black Opium by YSL; 1 Million and Lady Million by Paco Rabanne; La Vie Est Belle by Lancôme and Good Girl by Carolina Herrera.

Château Gâteaux’s ‘razzberry’ packaging has a beauty of its own too. Our attractive and sturdy container (which you can’t wait to open to see inside) is 100% recyclable. We use biodegradable materials that insulate and protect the delicious creation you have just purchased from one of our bright and welcoming stores or our user-friendly online store.  Enjoy every mouthful, Cake Lover. 

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