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What Makes You a True Foodie?

What Makes You a True Foodie?

Are you a foodie? Do you embrace food culture consciously and passionately and consider yourself a foodie through and through? Let's take a step back and ask who or what is a foodie? The word foodie can describe a person or a concept. American Restaurant Critic Gael Greene first used it in the early 1980s. A lighthearted book by Ann Barr and Paul Levy, titled The Official Foodie Handbook (published in 1984), describes the foodie as someone who eats to feed their mind, mouth and soul ( exactly what every from frozen to fabulous cake does darling!). Dictionaries describe a foodie as a person having an avid interest in the latest food trends or someone who seeks new food experiences as a hobby rather than simply eating out of convenience or hunger. So, all in one bite, a new word was born. 

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Low Carb Brownie Cheesecake

We have a brand-new food experience especially for you cake lover with our delicious Low-Carb Brownie Cheesecakes, which uses sugar substitutes, low carb cottage cheese and chocolate flavoured coconut and almond flour. Indulge in this better-for-you creation from Château Gâteaux, which you can collect from any of our convenient stores or order online as a 6-pack.

Sharing new experiences today is a whole lot easier than in 1984 when Twitter, Instagram and Facebook were not even a twinkle in anybody's eye. Now you can snap your most recent taste sensation and instantly tell everyone what gourmet delight you're enjoying or that there is a 'new cake on the block' from your favourite #TheCakePeople. Our society is becoming more focused on finding and eating good food and sharing their experiences with others. Some critics out there might say that sharing food pics on social media is simply a way of racking up likes, but we believe the point of view that foodies are those who approach food culture with respect and curiosity. And we absolutely love foodies who share their cake moments with us! Follow us on Instagram and Facebook for mouthwatering photos to help you choose your next cheeky treat. We have a cake for every occasion whether you are celebrating a birthday or in need of an indulgent me-moment.

Is a foodie the same as a food lover? We think not. A foodie is a hobbyist who actively seeks out new types of food for fun, not simply to 'eat'. A foodie will travel far distances to try out a trendy dish, and if you dedicate a holiday to enjoy the best food of a particular region, you are a foodie for sure.

However, if food holds a special place in your heart and you love a good home-cooked meal, then perhaps you are a warm and appreciative food lover. For you, nothing could be nicer than going out for a pizza, having a braai with your mates or sharing a slice of scrumptious Swiss Carrot Cake or Vanilla Dream with your gorgeous family. Remember you can order online, and we will deliver to your door.

Being a foodie or food lover means supporting local food creators – from farmers to markets, from take-away to eating out and from the shopping mall to Château Gâteaux. It's all on offer here in South Africa, where our fresh produce and specialist food stores are world-class.

Share the love, share the cake, share the pic with us!


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