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Your Kitchen – the Heart of Your Home

Your Kitchen – the Heart of Your Home

Your kitchen is the place where food dreams come to life

It has a sink
An oven and stovetop

A fridge … and let's not forget the all-important freezer which looks after your precious Cake Creations!

Some cupboards to hold all your favourite cake toppings

A table and chairs for the family to share a meal together 

AND A HUGE BIG HEART … Muuuuch bigger than our petite Southern Red Velvet Heart, which makes up for its size with BIG flavour! It is filled with a lemony cream-cheesy frosting and just quite delicious, even if we say so ourselves!

Your kitchen is where tasty meals are prepared, where minds, bodies and souls are fed.  Where family and friends congregate and are most relaxed. Life is lived in the kitchen, especially when you bring home a scrumptious 4 Cake Variety pack for the whole family to enjoy at tea time.

Long ago, kitchens were small and functional and separated from the other living spaces in the house to conceal any mess. Here food was prepared and cooked - and that was about it - not much to see here, friends! Kitchens were little and sweet, like a mini Mississippi Mud Pie from our delicious mini collection.

As time moved on, kitchens became more inclusive spaces and have quite literally opened up to be 'open plan'. They are places where Mom, Dad and the kids can eat together instead of schlepping everything through to the formal dining room. They have become multi-purpose spaces where homework is done under Mom's watchful eye while she cooks up a storm. They are relaxed, creative spaces where one can experiment with new culinary creations and the fun, informal environment where kids can lick the mixing bowl after baking and ice cupcakes with dad. At Château Gâteaux, we have perfected the art of icing (it's called 'frosting' these days, darling) – taste our yummy Caramel Velvet or Chocolate Nostalgia cakes – they are moment makers for sure!

Serving suggestion

Kitchens are not quiet and serene – they are filled with aromas and textures, the hustle and bustle of cooking, the clank and bang of pots and pans, perhaps some music is playing in the background. The kettle is boiling, and the microwave is beeping.  The baby in the highchair is providing the dog with his second dinner - the dog is making his happiness known through yips and yaps. Sound familiar? We think this sounds like bliss, actually.  It is what home is.  

Château Gâteaux cakes were born in a kitchen just like this when the founder mastered his Mom and Gran's recipes so that you can enjoy them in the heart of your own home.  Did you know that our Andrea's Baked Cheesecake is named after our founder's beloved Mom? It was so good that it inspired #TheCakePeople to be conceived!

In most homes these days, the kitchen has become the centre of activity.  A place where you pin up your child's weekly calendar and their latest masterpiece, it's where you share your day's experiences and make a spot for your laptop so that you can Google how to solve that grade 5 math's question (shhh, we won't tell if you don't!)  or maybe a new recipe for tonight's dinner!  But first and foremost, it is a place where you enjoy a delicious meal together and bond with the ones you love. "Cake" that moment even better with a slice of something tasty from our range of Daily Delights! They are just a Google away.

Kitchens have become significantly special spaces in any home. As many relish over memories made before the global pandemic, and eagerly look forward to days where normalcy is regained, kitchens have become even more special! Friends coming over for a meal, a catch up with your girlfriends over a cup of coffee, a child's birthday party (the cake is on us), grandparents in the mix while you prepare and chat. It is the one room in the home that every family member uses – a happy, warm in every sense of the word place.  There is no other name for it, but THE HEART OF THE HOME.

All of our handcrafted cakes are made with Love, From our Kitchen to Yours. #AllYouNeedIsLoveAndCake

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