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Voucher Terms & Conditions

Voucher Validity Period

A voucher is valid for (3) three years from the purchase date.

 Voucher Redemptions

Vouchers may be redeemed at any of our National Stores with the exception of factory shop stores as well as the online store.

Loyalty App

1.Vouchers can be redeemed in conjunction with our loyalty app.

  1. Loyalty points can be earned when a voucher is used to pay in store.


Vouchers can be used for purchasing promotions, specials or other items for sale in our stores.

Reselling of Vouchers

Vouchers may not be resold at any time and only vouchers purchased from a Chateau Gateaux Store is valid.

Refundable / Exchanged for Cash

Vouchers in not refundable nor can it be exchanged for cash in our Stores.

No change

No change will be given when a voucher is used for a purchase thus ensure that the full value is purchased for.

Balance carried Over

Due to the nature of vouchers it may only be used once and the full amount must be used when performing this purchase.

Replacement of vouchers

No replacements or cancellations of vouchers will take place by any of our stores for any reason such as theft, lost, tarnished or any other reason not specified in the prior.

Validity Confirmations

We have the right to confirm validity of a voucher should we deem fit at any time.

Voucher Details

  1. Any voucher received in store without the purchase details filled in on the voucher will make it null and void. (To / From / Date of Purchase / Issuing Manager) until such time where a customer can present the proof of payment information.
  2. Any voucher being suspected to be fraudulent will not be redeemable until such time as the origin can be established.