Changes in Online Delivery Service

Our online delivery service will no longer be available from July 28, 2023. You can still indulge in our exceptional hand crafted cakes by visiting your nearest Château Gâteaux store or you can place your orders through the Uber Eats or Mr Delivery Apps in selected areas.

About us

Our story begins in 1997 with one man and his profound love for everything baked. Inspired by his mom and gran’s recipes, Ilan Lipschitz, our founder, has travelled the world in his quest to find the perfect cake.

A qualified Master Patissier, he studied his art in Vienna, Rome and Paris to bring the best recipes in the world back to his home in South Africa. During his travels, he mastered the art of blast-freezing as a method to retain freshness and flavour without additional preservatives. This means each Château Gâteaux creation offers modern, low-waste, defrost-and-serve-convenience that tastes as good as it looks. The result is everything you see and taste today; exceptional quality, locked-in-freshness and attention to detail that goes beyond cake for pure indulgence that makes the moment even better.

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